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Dulux Heritage: Modern Paint

If you enjoy the modern feel whilst retaining a little colour on your walls then the Dulux Heritage collection should be your first browsing destination when looking to buy designer paint. A collection made to be unique yet neutral including a nice mixture of colours across the range of 50+ paints.  The Dulux Heritage collection is the most exclusive designer paint range Dulux make, and it is priced a little higher than normal. I guess its true, you do pay for what you get! The paints are available in flat matt, vinyl matt, soft sheen satinwood and finally eggshell.

Dulux Heritage paint


The Dulux Paint Pod Range

Dulux paint pod, easy to apply designer paint

If you are like me and lazy as hell this designer paint is for you, there is no question about that. Dulux paint pod is self cleaning, fast and so easy to apply a child could do it. Please note I am not advising you get your children to paint, you could end up with a big mess if you do that!

The paint collection includes 31 different colours, all of which are pretty much neutral looks.

Designer paint from Dulux

Dulux Paint Pod- Self cleaning paint

Dulux release new gadget to help paint quick

If you like speed you will love the Dulux Paint Pod collection, a designer paint collection specially designed to work with a paint sprayer gun. This new collection is easy to apply, fast drying, and the best part, the paint actually cleans itself. Yes you read correctly. Kinda like the self cleaning glass only with paint. Don’t ask me how, you will have to Google it.

Cutting it short, this is the Dulux Paint Pod collection

A collection of paint by Dulux

Dulux, Dulux and Dulux

Paint and Varnish by Dulux

Dulux range of trade products include blockfiller, cladshield, diamond matt, diamond eggshell, eggshell light and space, quick drying paint, wood stain, diamond glaze, water-based gloss, and much more.

Dulux produce pretty much every type of paint or varnish you will ever need. Those are just a few names I picked from the Dulux paint and varnish website.

Producing Dulux paint and varnish

Dulux takes this very seriously and thats what they try and produce all their products ensuring to minizie the carbon footprint the company produces.

Paint and varnish by Dulux

The Dulux Authentic Paint Range

Dulux Authentic Designer Paint Range

Dulux are one of the most famous brands of paint in the UK, they have been around for a long time and most people will in fact buy Dulux when thinking of redecorating their walls. It is worthwhile knowing there is a difference between, Dulux paint and designer paint, a big difference.

Designer paint oftern takes a lot longer to produce as the thought process is increased and leaded by a in most cases, a fashion designer.

Dulux have recently jumped on the band wagon and released their very own collection of designer paint.

Welcome to the Dulux Authentic Designer paint range

Designer paint from Dulux

Dulux Authentic Origins Paint

Dulux Authentic Origins Paint Range

Designer paint from Dulux

The new and stunning designer paint range from Dulux. All of this collection is inspired by nature, or the natural look. I don’t think there will be one colour in this collection that you will not like.

Dulux designer paint, the authentic range

Talking about neutral designer paint. Here are some more to consider

The Fired Earth paint collection consists of 40 colours from all over the globe, including some of the most in demand colours, like Downing street and Elizabeths Parrot.

designer paint from Fired Earth


Designer paint directory UK

Been getting a few emails recently saying where do I source all my designer paint from, and which website do I watch to keep up to date with what is going on in the designer paint world.

Here is a little link directory of pretty much all the hottest brands in the business.

Barbara Hulanicki designer paint | Designers Guild | Dulux Authentic Origins | Dulux Heritage | Fired Earth National Trust | Graham & Brown British Colours | Kelly Hoppen | Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen | Paint & Paper Library | Sanderson | The Little Greene

Sanderson designer paint