Exterior paints and varnishes

Every home owner at some point will require exterior paint, so I thought I would put together a list of some of the best selling and most popular brands. Anything to do with wood care then you definitely need to start looking at Cuprinol. When it comes to wood care Cuprinol paints are the bees knees, currently they offer a variety of wood care solutions, the most popular being their complete wood treatment. Cuprinol also offer a great range of decking cleaner and decking protector.

Exterior paints from Cuprinol

Anything to do with metal paints then you will be needing Hammerite, Hammerite specialize in producing the best garage door paint, masonry paint and special metal primer on the market. Pretty much everyone has also used Hammerite’s NO.1 Rustbeater some time in their life. If you need to beat rust there is nothing better.

Metal paint Hammerite